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For the love of reading...

A few months ago, I met this homeless guy. I don't know his name .
I had just gotten of the train on route to a meetup with friends.

What captivate me was his attitude and actions. 

Most homeless person I see is usually off on some side corner but not this guy. He was stretched out in the middle of the sidewalk like he’s in his living room, and reading a book to boot.

The energy in his voice and his willingness to share knowledge gripped me. 

The universe spoke and I must follow. 

For every book submitted from now till the end of January will receive 50% off and 20% will go to this fellow. 
We do not know his name or his whereabouts but we will find him.


Are you an author and wants to help?


Submit your book here 

Toronto Talk Show Short Story Contest

Toronto talk show short story

There’s no denying it: The year 2020 will be forever talked about in our history books. It’s not easy for mankind to handle restrictions, Lock-downs etc, which is why Toronto Talk Show is hosting an anthology writing contest to “remind people of the benefits of writing.”

This is a one page short story contest of up to (roughly 538 words) will be accepted, and you can tackle between the two topics.

1. 2020 Covid-19 The impact on life.

2. President Donald Trump.

The grand prize winner will receive $500, and two runners-up will be awarded $250 each.

The fee to enter is $$$ FREE $$$

Everyone around the world is eligible.

Deadline: April 30, 2021.