Thread weaves through all the lives involved in corporate corruption, greed, witchcraft, revenge, infidelity, and more. Kyle Stone only wanted to raise a family and build a successful business but had no idea how crazy it would get. Follow Kyle as he fights for the lives of those he love and fall in love with him as you take the ride on this emotional rollercoaster as he fights to win against all odds. Derived from my life experiences. Read more

Just Finish

My book is a true story that follows my journey from sitting on a lumpy futon, overweight, out of shape and picking Pringle shards out of my navel, to me running a 50K ultra-marathon. It’s not a new story it’s just told from the perspective of a “grassroots runner” who just wanted to finish the races I entered.

It’s about my struggles, my achievements, the barriers, the pain, the people I met and how I pushed myself to the brink while trying to achieve things I never thought possible.

My story is for the wannabe runner, the runner who is just starting out and the runner who feels more comfortable running 14- to 18-minute miles; the runner who will check the time of the previous year’s race results to see what the slowest time was before they enter; the runner who has to phone the race organiser to see if there is a cut off time in the longer races; or the runner who will walk just out of view of the people at the finish, then turn on the jets for the last 100-metre sprint finish. All things I have done during my running journey (and still do). Read more

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Preke Town


When four children, Carlton, Jonathan, Maleek and Rosy are forced to leave their homes, they have very low expectations of the new town to which they are moving. It is so far far away, and despite the fun their parents tell them to expect, they need to see it to believe it. Once there, they're soon excited by the beautiful playground and the adventures to be had. Little do they know, however, that beneath the surface of Preke Town, the place they now call home, lies in hiding an evil force and an ugly green creature. On one dark, stormy night while the children were all alone, the evil one came out of hiding. Read more

AS She Walked

As She Walks, she comes into alignment with a reflection that takes her from self-doubt to believing in herself. This book is about staying present and calm through all trials as you open yourself up to all the love that you will feel within.

If you allow the goddess to touch you from her love, you’ll discover that Instinctive feeling of protection that’s been missing all along. As you scroll through the chapters you will end with thirty days of affirmations that allow your body to feel at ease. Fear will diminish and you will go from feeling unworthy, to feeling like a queen. Read more

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In this collection behold the most masterful poetry the world has ever been presented. For a poet and his art to be compared to the great William Shakespeare is beyond belief. Thus I thrust onto you the task of reading this poetry with high expectations to be enthralled, amazed, and wowed at what you are about to read. If you are transported by some of the poetry for not be afraid you will be safely returned to where you started when the poem is through. It is with high honor I bequeath to you this book of knowledge and wonderment written by a direct descendant of the famous Phineas Taylor Barnum "The greatest Showman on Earth!" Read more

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